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Given the unique needs of the various clients interested in using InViewsion, we have developed a number of competitive pricing models that provide flexibility to our clients and ensure maximum business value and return on investment.

Survey Pricing
Survey Pricing allows clients to use InViewsion for any pre-determined number of surveys. This model is ideal for clients who are interested in conducting a one-time survey, which does not require them to maintain an account on InViewsion longer than the duration of the survey and does not necessitate the use of the full depth of InViewsion's features. The Survey Pricing model is also ideal for new clients who would like to try InViewsion before committing to a different pricing model.

User Pricing
User Pricing allows a specified number of users to use InViewsion for a specified number of surveys. This model is ideal for the small-to-medium sized enterprises, which may have a small number of users interested in conducting a limited number of surveys.

Enterprise Pricing
For any organization that has the need to conduct surveys on a regular basis and has multiple departments and users that could potentially use InViewsion, Enterprise Pricing is the ideal long-term pricing model. Enterprise Pricing allows clients unlimited access to InViewsion's technology and services for an unlimited number of users for one low price.

Negotiated Pricing
We offer Negotiated Pricing for those clients whose needs are not addressed by the Survey Pricing, User Pricing or Enterprise Pricing models. This usually involves a licensing agreement for unlimited use of all features included within InViewsion, coupled with a hosting agreement for storing and maintaining the client's data on InViewsion's servers.