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Product Features

InViewsion is made up of a collection of windows-based features that make the application straightforward to use and offer the flexibility to create more complicated surveys by giving the designer of a survey a lot of control and allowing the easy incorporation of text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons and drop-down lists. This simple application lets anyone who can operate a mouse and keyboard put together elegant-looking surveys that are sent via e-mail to specific groups of users who are invited to participate in the survey.

Create Multiple Types of Questions
InViewsion allows you to create a wide range of question types, which includes open ended, multiple choice, matrix, multiple selection and many other types. This degree of flexibility enables even the most complicated survey questions to be easily added to a survey.


Personalize Your Surveys
While you set up your account with us, you will be given the option to customize the look and feel of the surveys you will be sending to people. For example, you could upload, among other things, the logo of your organization so that it will be displayed across the header of each page of your survey.


Create Other User Accounts
If your organization has multiple divisions/departments and multiple users who will be creating surveys, you can easily set up your account such that every department and every user will manage their account and surveys individually. A central administrator will also be able to monitor the activity of each division/department and user.


Create Respondent Groups
In addition to creating a general pool of respondents, either by entering each respondent manually or by importing respondent information into the application, survey creators can also organize the pool of respondents into groups. Once respondents have been separated into distinct groups, they can then be associated with a survey.


Generate Reports
A comprehensive set of reporting tools enables the instant analysis of data collected from a survey. Even prior to the completion of the survey, the survey creator has the option to view general statistics about the survey, such as the number of people the survey has been sent to and the number of people who filled out the survey.


Send Reminders
Prior to the completion of the survey, survey creators can view general statistics about the survey, such as the number of people a survey has been sent to and the number of people who responded up until that point of time. They can then choose to send a reminder to the ones that have not yet replied to fill out the survey with a simple touch of a button.


Export and Archive Data
A simple export mechanism enables the transfer of data collected during a survey to a text file that can then be opened in Excel or any other spreadsheet application. This tool does not only allow a user to manipulate the data in any other way they want, it also allows them to safely store away surveys that have been completed and do not need to take up space in their personal account in InViewsion.


Save Repeated Surveys
A survey template library allows you to save repeated surveys into your personal account and make any necessary changes prior to launching them again in the future.


Comprehensive Print Function
InViewsion print function allows the printing of a wide variety of data collected from a specific survey. Moreover, surveys addressed to users without an e-mail address can easily be identified, printed and mailed to their physical address. Each printed survey is "stamped" with a unique code that the quick entry of all responses received when a printed survey is returned to the sender. The data from printed surveys is then added to the data collected from all other online surveys.